Cript.to is a free URL shortening & protecting service.

With the help of Linksafe, you are able to spread a bunch of links nicely seperated and show them to your friends, family or partners - fast and safe way
All urls are listed clearly in a folder. Filestatus, Filename and Filename are detected aumaticly and shown in no public folders. You get a static url to your folder. If you want to change some urls you haven't to take care where you publised your urls. You can easly edit your folder and everything is fine.

This service offers you three types of captcha protection: SolvedCaptcha, TextX reCaptcha and Circle-Captcha. A captcha protect your folders for automatic bots to read your urls.

You can set a password to every folder you own. So only people can open your folder, who knows the folder-password. If you activated captcha and password-protection your folder is a non public folder, then all users can see the Filenames in this folder.

Cript.to offers all great link-container. You can choose CCF, RSDF, DLC and CNL2. Programms like jDownloader can read these files and download the files easyly.

All files are checked regularly. It checks the filestatus, filename and filesize and offers you these information in your folder. In your folder or account you can easy see which folders are offline. 

With an account you can manage your folders better. In you account-overview you can easy search folders, edit them or look in your statistics. Only with a account you can participate on the affiliate program.

Cript.to has a bin like you know it from Microsoft Windows.

you can have muliplie links from different filehosts in one folder

API for developers
For the developer of tools we offer an API.

check this: http://cript.to/api.html